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Ajánlom ismerőseimnek

Value:65556 EUR
Number of participants: 6200
Participation fee: 18.00 EUR

Value:6667 EUR
Number of participants: 500
Participation fee: 20.00 EUR

Value:92593 EUR
Number of participants: 7300
Participation fee: 20.00 EUR

Value:21481 EUR
Number of participants: 500
Participation fee: 65.01 EUR

Value:815 EUR
Number of participants: 200
Participation fee: 6.50 EUR

We are looking for partners


summary for business partners



P2P Money Europe Inc. is an Internet-based business dealing with auction games. The purpose of its founding is to sell and operate its own auction game system's operating rights in Europe in a network system, the so-called P2P Europe Network system.

Our primary activity is the sale of new personal articles, real estate, vehicles, boats and jewelry in auction games.

The auction game system is currently built into three separate, partially isolated websites. The different sites have different target groups. The websites are designed to fulfill the demands of the appropriate target group (image, purchase-game method, menu operation, etc.), and are structured as follows:


Multi-bid - The campaign site of the two gaming sites. This is where the auction games are popularized, participants are informed about the operation of the system and the games, and this is where news appears. The Internet news portal structure includes all significant elements to forward published news (news distribution, RSS).

On the site fans can directly connect to the world's largest social portal. Registration on the site results in a so-called PASS membership, so registration on the other two sites is not necessary; the membership is valid on the p2pmoney and p2pwin sites as well. The multi-bid game can be tested on the site with the simulator.


P2P WIN - The gaming site primarily for 18-35 year olds. The site exclusively contains new personal articles. The items can be played for in multi-bid, single-bid, zero-bid and step-bid type games.

In addition to the auction games, there is an option to buy most of the items on the site with a discount (up to 90% less than commercial price). (Step bid)


P2P MONEY - The gaming site primarily for 25-60 year olds. The site includes used and new real estate, and new vehicles, which are exclusively played for in multi-bid games.

The site also hosts multi-challenge (invitation, money prize) games as well.


The included auction games

multi-bid - The purpose of this auction game is to have a pre-determined number of participants use 100 bids to find a number from a pre-determined interval that is the lowest unique number at the moment the game is over, meaning nobody else has selected it and is the lowest.

It is found on the P2PWIN and P2PMONEY sites.


single-bid - The purpose of this auction game is to have a pre-determined number of participants use 1 bid to find a number from a pre-determined interval that is the lowest unique number at the moment the game is over, meaning nobody else has selected it and is the lowest.

It is found on the P2PWIN  p2p money (prize game, real estate, vehicle, yacht) link site.


zero-bid - The value of the items on the site is defined in Credits. The participants cannot see the value. Participants can view the current Credit value for 1 Credit. Every time the Credit value is checked, it is decreased by 1 Credit. The participant, who sees 0 when viewing the Credit value, wins the game.

It is found on the P2PWIN  p2p money (prize game, real estate, vehicle, yacht) link site.


multi-challenge - The purpose of this auction game is to play multi-bid by invitation. The inviting participant publishes and announces the game on the site. The inviting participant determines when the game starts, how many people can participate, the participation fee, and whether it is closed or public. The inviting participant receives a commission for organizing the game.

It is found on the P2PMONEY  p2p money (prize game, real estate, vehicle, yacht) link site.


step-bid - In our shopping type game the goal is to find an acceptable price for an item that the participant is willing to pay, even though the participants cannot see the item's current price. In this game participants can buy items for up to 60-90% less. The price decreases by EUR 0.20 every time somebody views the price.

It is found on the P2PWIN  p2p money (prize game, real estate, vehicle, yacht) link site.


P2P Europe Network Headquarters structure


P2P Money Europe INC.

p2pwin, p2pmoney, multi-bid site operation

P2P Europe Network operation,

P2P Europe Network rights marketing

P2P Europe Network finances


P2P Money Slovensko s.r.o.

European Headquarters

P2P Europe Network Marketing

P2P Europe Network Media marketing

P2P Europe Network Multi-bid campaign organization

P2P Europe Network Training Center

P2P Europe Network Legal Department


HIM Systems Inc.

P2P Europe Network software development

P2P Europe Network technical support

Bank card and PayPal payment system technical support

Credit and bidCENT system technical support

P2P Europe Network graphical and administration support


Unique brand names used by P2P Money Europe

P2P Europe Network











Bet small, win more!

You can win cars, apartments, trips - find the lowest one!

Sell at a good price, buy for pennies!



From the participants' perspective

Auction gaming site where participants can acquire valuable, new personal articles by winning auction games.

Participants can sign up on the Internet site. During the free registration on the site we create a virtual account for the participant, who has to charge this virtual account with Credits in order to participate. Participants can charge their accounts with premium fee SMS, bank card or through PayPal.


Participants can select from hundreds of items. All winner-related fees are paid, so the participant only has to pay the participation fee, there are no other costs.


It is also possible for the participant to buy the selected item for a special price (step-bid). Because this is considered a purchase, shipping fees apply.



Vendors upload products to the site just as if it was their own webshop and they were trying to sell their products there. Vendors pay an annual fee to use the site; there are no additional fees. Vendors are in contractual relationship with P2P Money Europe Inc.

After purchasing or winning the product, the vendor mails it to the winner / buyer. P2P Money Inc. transfers the purchase price of the product to the vendor in advance, including shipping fees.



Step-bid, Multi-bid, Zero-bid, Single-bid


P2P WIN operation

The p2pwin site is operated by the P2P WIN Network Manager (henceforward: WNM). The WNM establishes and operates the P2P WIN Network in a 10-year period. WNM receives continuous commission for their work.

The p2pwin site can also operated by the P2P Money Network Manager operating in the specific country. This depends on the Network Operation Agreement signed with P2P Money Inc.


Equipment needed to operate P2P WIN

Operating the P2PWIN site does not require any equipment investment, as P2P Money Europe Inc. operates the system on its own servers.

The WNM needs a personal computer, Internet connection and a graphical browser to manage the site.

We recommend acquiring the Adobe Master Collection software package to edit the advertisements.


P2P WIN Network Manager's (WNM) job

Translation - Translating the entire site to the country's official language.

Acquiring, contracting product partners - Contracting vendors to ensure the continuous supply of the products on the site.

Technical support - Answering users' questions on the site, operating HelpDesk.

Advertisement organization - Selling advertisement space on the site.

Marketing - Popularizing the p2pwin site according to the marketing plan and budget created in cooperation with P2P Europe Network.

Maintenance of multi-bid site - Maintenance of p2pwin site related news and information, organizing advertisements.


P2P WIN Network Advertisement fees

We mostly expect vendors who distribute on our site to advertise, but anyone can advertise their activities on the site. We offer two fixed and one click-based advertisement.


P2P WIN Network Subscription fees

Vendors who wish to distribute products on the site can utilize p2pwin services for an annual fee. The vendor can upload products; attach pictures and detailed technical descriptions by themselves. The vendor can select which game's prize is each of their products. A single product can appear in up to 4 different game types simultaneously, increasing the chances of selling that particular product (the WNM determines vendor selection, and the number and quality of the products that appear on the site).





P2P WIN vendor paid subscription fee

€ 199.00


According to the above table, the WNM receives commission from the specific country's total revenue for 10 years. Settlement and commission payments are made monthly.


Contractual relationship

P2P Money Europe Inc. contracts with any business company (Inc., Ltd.) that is registered in any European Union country and has EU tax number.


P2P WIN Network Contract duration

10 years

P2P WIN Network fee

There is no P2P Network fee. Regardless of the country, the WNM must pay EUR 15 000 security, which will be refunded at the termination of the contract.




From the participant's perspective

Auction gaming site where participants can acquire valuable items by winning „multi-bid" auction games. The items are primarily new or used real estate, vehicles, jewelry, antiquities and boats, depending on value limits.


Participants can sign up to the games on the Internet site.

Registration is free and participation requires a participation fee indicated next to the auction items. Participants do not have any additional fees besides the participation fee. The game starts once the required number of participants is ready and somebody is always guaranteed to win.


Practice games start every day - participation is free, but requires registration - so people can learn the game. This gives everyone the opportunity to try the game and practice even several times before signing up to play.


P2P Money Europe Inc. pays the personal income taxes related to the prize instead of and in the name of the participant. P2P Money Europe Inc. bears the costs related to the delivery of the prize (without being complete, this includes attorney's fees, taxes, etc.) Besides prize receipt related costs (travel costs, etc.) the participant bears no other fees.

If the participant would like to sell their own real estate, vehicle or boat on the site, they must first pay an annual subscription fee, and then they can upload them to the site.


Money prize games can also be played with „multi-challenge" games on the site. The object of the game - the prize of the multi-bid game is not an item, but the sum of the participation fees paid by the participants of the specific game.



Multibid, Multi-challenge



Private individuals and business, who want to sell their properties for more than the market price, upload the products to the site. To upload products, participants must have an annual subscription; they do not have any other sales related costs.


Money Network Manager (henceforward: MNM)

Short summary of the MNM's tasks:

Translation - Translating (having it translated) the p2pmoney.eu site from Hungarian or English to the country's official language.

Network establishment - Establishing MRM (Money Region Manager) network, region sales, training regional managers. Determining the value of regions, the regional division of the country.

Marketing - Site introduction, popularization, advertisement. MNM cooperatively creates a sales plan considering the country's market characteristics (national marketing finances are split between the MNM and the MRM in proportion with income).

Coordination - Coordinating the national Network, contact with headquarters.

Technical support - Answering users' questions on the site, operating HelpDesk.

Advertisement organization - Site advertisement space sales.

Multi-bid site maintenance - Maintenance of p2pmoney site related news and information, and organizing advertisements.

Network fee


Network fee*

MNM Security**

MNM Commission***

Arab Emirates

300 000

30 000

60 000


80 000

8 000

16 000


90 000

9 000

18 000


95 000

9 500

19 000


36 000

3 600

7 200


65 000

6 500

13 000

Canary Islands

20 000

2 000

4 000


60 000

6 000

12 000

Czech Republic

90 000

9 000

18 000


50 000

5 000

10 000


30 000

3 000

6 000


580 000

58 000

116 000


740 000

74 000

148 000


100 000

10 000

20 000


90 000

9 000

18 000


300 000

30 000

60 000


531 000

53 100

106 200


20 000

2 000

4 000


30 000

3 000

6 000


150 000

15 000

30 000


43 000

4 300

8 600


342 000

34 200

68 400


95 000

9 500

19 000


198 000

19 800

39 600


1 280 000

128 000

256 000


72 000

7 200

14 400


20 000

2 000

4 000


405 000

40 500

81 000


82 000

8 200

16 400


65 000

6 500

13 000


50 000

5 000

10 000


420 000

42 000

84 000


* Network fee: A calculated one-time fee based on each country's population and the GDP per person. Money Regional Managers pay this fee to ensure their regional exclusivity. In return, for 5 years they receive 5% of the gross value of all items from their region sold on the P2P Money site.

**MNM (Money Network Manager) Security: The total Network fee is 10%, which must be paid as security by the MNM to P2P Money Europe Inc.

***MNM commission: After the establishment of the entire Network, P2P Money Europe Inc. pays 20% of the Network fees received from the country to the MNM as commission.


Contractual relationship

P2P Money Europe Inc. contracts with any business company (Inc., Ltd.) that is registered in any European Union country and has EU tax number.


P2P Money Network Contract duration with the Money Network Manager

20 years


P2P Money Network fee

The P2P Money Network fee is the same as the specific country's total Regional Network Fee.

The P2P Network fees are paid by the MRM partners. Depending on the country, the MNM must pay 10% of the country's Network fee as security, which is refunded in whole at the end of the 2nd contract year.


Advertisement fees in the P2P Europe Network

We primarily expect relevant advertisers on the site, but in theory anybody can advertise their activities on the site. We offer 2 fix and 1 click-based advertisement. PR articles and video material can also be displayed on the multi-bid site.


Money Regional Manager tasks (MRM)

A private individual or business in contractual relationship with P2P Money Inc. MRM has paid the exclusivity fee (Region Network Price) determined by P2P Money Europe Inc.

They fulfill their roles for 5 (five) years after contracting. Their tasks include representing P2P Money Europe Inc.'s interests, introducing the brand, and performing the tasks determined in the contract and the summary.


The MRM's primary job:

1. Searching for valuable items to be sold in the specific region (settlement, city, county), uploading them to the p2pmoney Internet site.

2. Checking independent uploads from the specific region (settlement, city, county).

3. Advertisement in the online and offline media in the specific region (settlement, city, county), popularizing P2P Money. MRM undertakes to regularly popularize the service according to buy-appeal. By market buy-appeal parties mean that the introduction of the P2P Money brand is the MRM's task in their region of interest with regular advertisement presence, and independent of P2P Money's centralized campaign.

4. The MRM themselves also have registration rights, primarily for clients without Internet access who would like to enter the membership system (either to sell or buy), but cannot do this for technical reasons (no Internet connection, no computer, elderly, registration process is too difficult, etc.). In this case, the MRM can perform their registration in their names.

5. The sale of the most possible subscriptions of any kind in their region of interest.

6. Cooperation and contact with clients (buyer/seller) who registered in any way in their region of interest during the entire sales process.

7. Performing prize delivery related tasks, representing P2P Money Europe Inc. during prize delivery.


We expect the MNM to be aware of the possibilities in the specific region:

  • chart the region's economic and social composition
  • create the model of the products that represent the region's "strength"
  • determine which target group they want to reach primarily (seller or participant)
  • what are the "scarce goods" for their region (lot of real estate for sale, too few buyers; or vice versa, ...)
  • be aware of the effective media (online and offline) tools in their region


Based on their knowledge, create a written work-plan for 3 months, which determines the following:

  • how can I increase the number of paid (business) registrations in my region
  • how do I reach the target group I have selected
  • what do I have to do to make p2pmoney known as widely as possible in my region
  • what marketing tools do I need and what tools (analytics) will I ask from p2pmoney
  • what activities will I use to accomplish this


Keep the auction items in your region up to date. Try to be as precise as possible regarding the judgment and approval of items. Be prepared and ready to justify your decisions to approve or deny something.

Compare the status of the items on the site on a daily basis; not just your own, but also items approved by other managers. If you find deficiencies in others, immediately notify the MRM colleague, helping cooperation.

Consistently perform the p2pmoney approved marketing plan. Try to find as many interesting, valuable items that you think would interest dozens of participants, as possible in your region.

Use the auction item uploading members for marketing purposes; show them how they can popularize the site with their friends (using the Promotion menu).

Send out regular introduction e-mails, further increasing site popularity.

Take care of the winners in your region, figure out propaganda possibilities, and use the opportunity that winners must be at our disposal.


Contractual relationship

P2P Money Europe Inc. contracts with any business company (Inc., Ltd.) that is registered in any European Union country and has EU tax number.


P2P Money Network Contract duration with the Money Region Manager

5 years


P2P Money Region Network fee

The MRM is obligated to pay the ratio of the P2P Network's fee for the region as regional exclusivity fee.

The MNM publishes the specific region's Regional Network Fee, which will be available on the specific country's website.



P2P Money Subscription fees (must be paid by participants who want to sell property on the site)





private individual







The popularizing site of p2pmoney and p2pwin. Only the multibid.com site appears in national advertisements. Brand-building is continued exclusively with the multibid brand name.

The most important task of the site is to inform prospective participants, sellers and buyers of the possibilities and services the sites offer, in a clear, easy to understand way. Provide visitors with a comprehensive picture of the possibilities hidden in the sites; arouse the readers' interests in the multi-bid game and P2P Europe Network, and after they have read the articles, forward them in the appropriate direction (p2pwin or p2pmoney).

The site organizes regular national campaigns, in which they popularize the multibid site, the multi-bid game and the advertisers with other advertisers.

Visitors can register immediately and the registration is valid on the p2pwin and p2pmoney sites as well. The multi-bid game can be tried out immediately on the multibid site. The site recruits new members to the p2pwin and p2pmoney sites with different specials and presents. It displays the daily news and significant events of the p2pwin and p2pmoney sites.

Full-page articles may even be published about featured items, illustrated with pictures, then shared on social portals (Facebook, Twitter, Iwiw, etc.) Site visitors can be polled with votes and questionnaires to receive exact statistics and measure demand. Display different size banner advertisements, send site recommendation and article recommendation to e-mail addresses. Acquire Facebook fan group.



Games cannot be played on the site, only the Simulator may be tested.



Products cannot be uploaded to the site. The products on the site can appear exclusively as articles. The game site (p2pwin or p2pmoney) is accessible from the article with a direct link.


Site administration

The MNM performs site editing and administration, advertisement organization, article writing, and the organization and running of national campaigns.

If the p2pwin site is operated by a different WNM, the p2pwin site related tasks and articles are performed by the WNM.

We are waiting for business partners. If you want to cooperate with us in the countries listed above, please contact us on the following address:


Telefon:+1 702 425 9078, +36 30 33 44 55 0

Write us at management@p2pmoney.eu p2p money (prize game, real estate, vehicle, yacht) link .

Continue to our multibid campaign page. p2p money (prize game, real estate, vehicle, yacht) link