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Ajánlom ismerőseimnek

Value:740741 EUR
Number of participants: 11941
Participation fee: 99.00 EUR

Value:222222 EUR
Number of participants: 1000
Participation fee: 354.73 EUR

Value:56 EUR
Number of participants: 100
Participation fee: 0.00 EUR

Value:114815 EUR
Number of participants: 3000
Participation fee: 60.34 EUR

Value:39216 EUR
Number of participants: 1972
Participation fee: 29.99 EUR

Day-to-day Practice game

To try the multi-bid game live, we start a practice game every day. All you have to do is click the reserve button next to the current Day-to-day game.


P2P Money - prize game, real estate, vehicle, yacht

Free to play auction practice game. We start practice games every day. The practice game is located in the P2P Auction-Games menu. The practice game is at the front of the auction list. Participation is free, only requires (free) registration.

Participation in "Day-to-day" auction games is free; the only requirement is pre-game reservation. The game starts at 19:00 (CET Hungarian time) every day. Duration: 2 hours. Auction closes: 21:00 (CET). At the end of the auction game, 1 bidCENT is credited to the virtual account of the participants (if the participant places at least 1 bid on the Bid Console).

In the practice game participants do not play against robots (as is the case with the simulator), but really against each other. Everything happens just as in a live game, and the entire game list is available for download at the end. The game list contains all the bids placed by every participant second to second in ascending order.