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Ajánlom ismerőseimnek

Value:62963 EUR
Number of participants: 6500
Participation fee: 16.00 EUR

Value:330000 EUR
Number of participants: 8815
Participation fee: 59.00 EUR

Value:27778 EUR
Number of participants: 2500
Participation fee: 21.00 EUR

Value:6667 EUR
Number of participants: 500
Participation fee: 20.00 EUR

Value:44 EUR
Number of participants: 100
Participation fee: 0.00 EUR

From rags to riches in a second!

Would you like to win a new car for your husband? Maybe you are bored with your current apartment and want to move to a house with a garden? Would you like to go on a sea cruise with your family?

You will soon be able to! We invite you to participate in an exceptional game. Our Hungarian language Internet-based site opens completely new dimensions for people who like to play and win, but do not trust in blind faith. People who want to become millionaires with their ingenuity or simply want to play for prizes worth tens of millions of Forints in an entertaining game with little risk and great winning chances - your place is here.

Even for a price of a lottery ticket you can own a valuable and intelligent prize by participating and winning in our games. A new gaming community is emerging. They are called P2P players. They are the ones who control the games, whether their lives change in an instant depends only on their cleverness and logic. Their task is simple. They do not play against a machine or a program, but against each other. They play in a logical and strategic game that can be won. Anyone can win. You don't need anything but resilience and attention. But what is this game?

Every participant has 100 so-called bids. With these 100 bid-options, participants must find a number in a pre-determined range that none of the other participants have selected and which at the same time is the lowest number. Participants start with the same conditions and chances, so there is no way to gain an advantage during the game. To win the game, you must battle the other participants and time. For this reason, P2P games do not depend on chance (on luck), but rather these games are cunning and strategic games based on the participants' abilities.
By the way, you can regularly participate in so-called practice games on the site, where you can practice for games without risks.

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