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Ajánlom ismerőseimnek

Value:93759 EUR
Number of participants: 3000
Participation fee: 49.91 EUR

Value:277778 EUR
Number of participants: 8756
Participation fee: 50.00 EUR

Value:815 EUR
Number of participants: 200
Participation fee: 6.50 EUR

Value:1111 EUR
Number of participants: 1000
Participation fee: 0.00 EUR

Value:47778 EUR
Number of participants: 2900
Participation fee: 26.00 EUR


Do we beat everyone with our new sales system!

Would you like to sell your real estate or vehicle easily, quickly and at a high price?
Would you like to pay your loan, but the loan possibly exceeds the price for which you can sell it?
Would you like the sale to be profitable and without costs to you?
Would you like it, if we made a donation to the community from the item's sale, without it costing you anything?

Then choose one of the P2PAuctions!

After selecting one subscription as a private individual or from several subscriptions as a business, following registration you can sell the items that fulfill our conditions. If you have uploaded the item to sell according to the rules, we will check it and in max. 48 hours it will appear on the site. After this, the item must gather enough participants for the auction to start (during the pre-reservation period defined for the category). If the required number of participants makes the reservations in the required time period, we will contact the owner of the auction item. The moment the reservation period is over for the specific item, we pay the auction item's owner.

During the sale, every cost, fee and commission is included in the auction total.