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Ajánlom ismerőseimnek

Value:74074 EUR
Number of participants: 5634
Participation fee: 21.00 EUR

Value:88889 EUR
Number of participants: 2784
Participation fee: 50.00 EUR

Value:31294 EUR
Number of participants: 1473
Participation fee: 32.08 EUR

Value:32963 EUR
Number of participants: 1825
Participation fee: 27.26 EUR

Value:98039 EUR
Number of participants: 6025
Participation fee: 25.00 EUR

About us

Our mission

Our goal is provide people happiness, joy, euphoria and excitement. We believe that our games provide everyone with light-hearted, serene entertainment, and many people will reach their unattainable desires.

To acquaint and make everyone fall in love with interesting mathematical competition through lively and exciting games.

We will do everything to organize prize games that will impress participants with their technical quality, variety of prizes and simple playability.

We are professionally ready and have the know-how, material and technical background to introduce our games and system in Europe as a uniform network, utilizing the opportunities presented by the Internet, creating Europe's largest, uniform, prize playground - P2P MONEY.