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Ajánlom ismerőseimnek

Value:240741 EUR
Number of participants: 10675
Participation fee: 36.00 EUR

Value:65556 EUR
Number of participants: 6200
Participation fee: 18.00 EUR

Value:191919 EUR
Number of participants: 6932
Participation fee: 48.00 EUR

Value:111111 EUR
Number of participants: 4436
Participation fee: 40.00 EUR

Value:114815 EUR
Number of participants: 3000
Participation fee: 60.34 EUR

Online Game’s Official Rules

"Become a Millionaire" Online Game's Official Rules

1. Game organizer

The organizer of the auction game, auction or game (henceforward: ‘Auction game') running on www.multilicit.com and p2pmoney.eu is P2P Money Europe Inc. (Headquarters: 8850S Maryland Pkwy # 150. Las Vegas Nevada 89123 USA Phone: 1 (702) 425-9078, Company registry number: E0327962009-1 management@p2pmoney.eu), henceforward: ‘Organizer'.

2. Game participants
2.1 Every natural person with legal capacity in any European country and a permanent address, over the age of 18 (henceforward: ‘Participant') who:
- has valid p2pmoney membership (Light, Medium, Full), or registers for free during the game on multilicit.com, p2pmoney.eu or p2pwin.eu site; - completed their personal information with valid information that can be used for identification (completing the name, address, date of birth, phone number fields is especially important because the delivery of prizes may be preceded by the examination of the winner's identity); - accepts the site's ‘Terms and Conditions' and the contents of the ‘Official Game Rules'.

2.2 By participating in the game, the Participant accepts that concerning test bid(s) and bid(s) placed during the game, and data, only the records of the computer systems used by the p2pmoney.eu and multilicit.com sites are authoritative.
3. Game duration

The game series starts on 01.01.2010 and ends on 31.12.2010.

4. The game
The Organizer organizes reverse auction based, so-called auction games that can be played on the Internet. The goal of the game is to have one person find the lowest number in a set interval according to a system of conditions. The winner of the game is the participant who selects a number that nobody else has selected during the game, and is the lowest of all the selected and unique numbers. The number of opponents in the game is pre-determined and publically available. All participants in the game start with the same conditions. The game only starts when the required number of participants is available; one of the participants is guaranteed to win in every game. To become familiar with the game, the Organizer starts a practice game every day, in which participation is free, but requires appropriate registration. Using this opportunity, everybody can test the game, get ready and practice several times. Sign-ups for the practice games are available on the www.p2pmoney.eu site.

The Organizer collects and displays items and products on the www.multilicit.com site that will participate in the game series. Every item is a separate game to which participants must sign up. One player can sign up to all the games, but only one time for each. The participation fee is different for every item, as is the number of participants. Every item and product includes detailed description and picture to help participants make the selection. The exact participation fee and the maximum number of participants appear next to the items.

4.2 The game process

Participants can sign up to the game for free with the ‘Reserve' button next to the auction items on the www.multilicit.com or www.p2pmoney.eu sites, while the auction item is still ‘Pre-reservation' status.
Every registration can place 1 (one) reservation - 1 participation spot - per item.
After the required number of participants is ready, the auction status changes to ‘Reservation'. During this time we notify by e-mail every participant who signed up about the expected start and end of the game. If the required number of participants is not available, the game does not start. In this case the participants who signed up for the aborted game are not obligated to pay anything.
Participants are obligated to pay the fee for their reservation (henceforward: participation fee) to the given bank account when the required number of participants for the game have been confirmed. The Organizer notifies the Participants by e-mail about the transfer details (bank information, deposit identifier, etc.)
The Organizer sends e-mail confirmation about the deposits, which includes the Participant's unique identifier (exclusively for this game) to be used in the game, and the electronic invoice about the total participation fee.
After everybody has received the notification, the game starts at the determined time. The auction game status changes to ‘Open'.

The auction opens for the Participants and the game time is 7 (seven) days. At this time Participants will see the ‘Bid Console' button next to the auction item; clicking this button enters the Participant into the game field where they can place the bid(s).

Game in case of Multi-bid:
Participants must find the number that is the lowest and unique when the game closes, using 100 (one hundred) bid possibilities. Lowest, meaning the smallest nominal value when the game closes; and unique, meaning a number that nobody else besides the Participant has placed. The Participant receives continuous feedback during the game about the momentary status of their bids, so they can easily identify the lowest unique number. The bid range is indicated next to the auction item; this field is always between 0.01 and the number of participants, where the number has 2 decimals and increases in steps of 0.01 (for example, if the bid range is 0.01-300, then the possible numbers are 0.01; 0.02; 0.03; ... 300).

Job: The Participant logs in to the site with the e-mail address and password entered during registration. Enter the game field with the "Bid Console" button next to the current game. Use the available 100 bids to find the number that nobody else has selected and is the lowest of these numbers.

The lowest unique bid the moment the game closes is the winner.

-place your bids with the bid console
-the bids have 2 decimals
-nobody but you can see your bids
-the symbols that appear after each bid is placed indicate the LIVE status of the bid.

-if your bids include the lowest unique one, you will see this symbol next to the bid
-if your bid is unique but not the lowest, you will see this symbol next to the bid
-if your bid cannot be put into either of the above categories, one of these symbols points in the direction of the winning bid.

0.06 0.06 (not unique, and the lowest unique bid is less)
0.05 (unique, but not the lowest)
0.04 (lowest unique - current winner)
0.03 0.03 0.03 0.03 (not unique and the lowest unique bid is greater)
0.02 0.02 0.02
0.01 0.01 0.01

After everybody has placed their bids or the game time is over, the auction status changes to ‘Closed'. No more bids can be placed, and the system logs everybody out of the ‘Bid Console'. After the game is closed, the system evaluates the bids based on a system of conditions, and announces the winner. The winner's identifier and the winning bid are displayed. The system notifies the Participants by e-mail about the closing of the game and the result. The winner is notified in an additional e-mail about their tasks. A downloadable material is created, which contains the identifiers of all Participants, placed bids and their times, so everybody can check the progress of the game and the placed bids. This method guarantees the game's transparency and cleanliness.

4.3. Rules of the game

The participation fee is a non-refundable fee, which the Participant pays to participate in the selected auction game. The auction item is delivered unencumbered to the Participant who placed the Winning Bid (taxes, transfer fees, lawyer and other fees are settled). The prize(s) cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be transferred.

Placed bids cannot be cancelled.
If the winner does not claim the prize in 30 days, they forfeit the right to claim the prize.

If, for whatever reasons, P2P Money is not capable of organizing and operating the game as planned (without being complete: not enough participants for the promotional game, operating troubles, illegal activities, fraud, illegal intervention, technical breakdown, and any other reason threatening the clean execution of the game), P2P Money reserves the right to cancel, interrupt, modify or suspend the auction.
Bids are processed in the order they are stored in the P2P Money database.

P2P Money takes no responsibility for incorrect, late bids. The game time is always understood according to the P2P Money server clock.
P2P Money reserves the right to inspect placed bids and disqualify bidders who in any way influenced the bidding process or did not place bids according to the Game rules (without being complete: each player can have only one registration, cannot bid in someone else's name or from a different account, cannot cooperate with other bidders during the bidding process, and if the participant has entered false information during the use of the game).

4.4. Prize details
Prize details can be found on the www.multilicit.com site.

4.5 The winner
To win the auction item, the placed bid (from all the bids the other participants placed) must be unique; this means that the placed bid must be one that nobody else has placed. In case the bids do not contain a completely unique bid, then the system selects from those bid values that were placed by 2 participants, and the winner is the participant who placed the bid sooner. If there are no such bids, then the winner will be selected from the bids placed by three participants, and so on. So the auction game is always closed with the selection of a winner.

5. Notification
Winners are notified by e-mail. After the receipt of the e-mail the winner must immediately, but at latest within the time period indicated in the e-mail, contact the person indicated in the e-mail. Prizes are transferred in person according to preliminary agreement.

6. Tax and other payment obligations
The payable personal income tax burdening the winner is paid instead of and in the name of the winner by the game Organizer. The Organizer arranges the bearing of prize delivery related costs (without being complete: lawyers and other fees, etc.) Besides miscellaneous prize receipt related costs and expenses (traveling costs, etc.), the winning Participant bears no other costs.

7. Transfer of prizes
The prizes cannot be transferred to anybody else, meaning the winner does not have the right to name anybody else winner instead of them. If the winner entitled to receive the prize or the standby winner does not claim the prize within the existing deadline, the Organizer hands it over to the next winning bidder in line. The prize cannot be exchanged for money or other items.

8. Receiving the prize
Winners completely fulfilling the conditions of the current auction game, after the notification about the prize is immediately, but at latest within 30 (thirty) calendar days after the game eligible to receive the prize. The Organizer can ensure the possibility of delivering the prize in the above time period to the winner who completely fulfills all the required conditions, at the location arranged by phone. However, the winner must cooperate with the Organizer in completing the delivery of the prize within the above stated deadline.
The Organizer does not accept the costs related to receiving the prize.

Furthermore, the winner acknowledges that pictures, sound- and video-recordings can be created of the prize receipt, and the winner approves of P2P Money Slovensko s.r.o and P2P money Europe Inc. using these recordings in whole or in part for any advertising promotion, without limits on time and the number of occasions, and without extra remuneration. The Organizer reserves the right to deliver the prize as part of a public program, and furthermore publish and expose the winner's name and picture in mass media, and in other promotional and advertisement audio, photographic and video materials.
In case of winning, the winner is under obligation to grant the Organizer written approval of the use of their name and photograph at the very latest when receiving the Prize (in case of promotional games).

9. Prize delivery
Prizes are delivered in person, in Hungary.
By voluntarily participating in the auction game, the participants take notice and specifically accept that P2P Money Slovensko s.r.o. and P2P Money Europe Inc., from time to time, will inform them about current offers and special games at the e-mail address and cellular phone number entered during registration. Information management is not limited in time. The participants of the auction game have the right to receive information on the methods of personal information management; furthermore, they can ask to have such information modified at any time. In case their personal information related rights are violated, participants have the right to go to court.

The request to end information management may be sent to the Organizer electronically: P2P MONEY EUROPE INC. (8850 S Maryland Pkwy # 150. Las Vegas Nevada 89123 USA) privacy@p2pmoney.eu Regarding all other questions not regulated by the Rules of the game, the related rulings of the State of Nevada are authoritative. The Organizer reserves the right to modify the Rules of the game.

10. Direct contact, customer service

Site access: www.multilicit.com
E-mail address: milliomos@multilicit.com

Created 01.09.2009.