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Ajánlom ismerőseimnek

Value:1648148 EUR
Number of participants: 9618
Participation fee: 270.00 EUR

Value:125926 EUR
Number of participants: 4500
Participation fee: 44.00 EUR

Value:118519 EUR
Number of participants: 4152
Participation fee: 45.00 EUR

Value:40741 EUR
Number of participants: 2798
Participation fee: 22.00 EUR

Value:129630 EUR
Number of participants: 4087
Participation fee: 50.00 EUR

What is P2P Money?

What is P2PMONEY?

P2PMoney is an Internet auction portal where you can win real estate and vehicles with multibid-games.

Our system is great and cannot be missed by those who would like to get valuable items and property for a fraction of their worth.

New or used apartments, resorts, building plots, shops, and vehicles.

Instead of the traditional methods we use a so-called multibid competition in this novelty, exciting interactive auction system.

Contrary to traditional auctions, the winner here is not the person with the highest bid, but the person with the unique and lowest bid. This way, real estate worth tens of thousands of Euros can be yours for even a few Euroes - the participation fee.

Keep an eye on P2PMoney's growth by regularly visiting the site; use our free services; become a member either as an individual or a business.